Roll it Up!

12 Mar

I kinda don’t know what’s happening with me right now but every meal I turn out for myself these days is off the chain. Inspired by my own post this morning, I drove out to, I dunno, Somewhere South West of Where I Life, to a mini-mall where I knew there was an Asian super market. It was tiny but it had a lot of the stuff I mentioned in my earlier post. I purchased the items below:


That’s two packages of nori sheets, a pouch of Chinese five spices, a bottle of fish sauce, a bottle of rice vinegar and a bottle of Thai red curry powder. I knew that tonight’s meal was gonna be another weirdo nori burrito and I knew that I was going to put chicken in it somehow but it really didn’t come together until the last minute and when it did, Boy Howdy, was it a winner!


I started with boneless skinless chicken breasts. Hit them with some S&P and tossed them on a hot grill for about 15 minutes until they were cooked through. At the same time, I also had some brussels going in an aluminum pouch. I’d tossed them in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, fish sauce and a little bit of sesame oil. I didn’t take a picture of the pouching process but here’s the finished product after they’d steamed for a bit and then been turned out onto the grill for about 5 minutes.


Drool. These are so good, just looking at the picture is making me want to dive into the fridge for leftovers. But I won’t. While the grill was going, I had these bad boys going at 300 degrees in the oven.


Those are oven sweet potato fries that I tossed in Chinese five spice powder and a little olive oil (seriously, 2 teaspoons of oil were used in this entire meal), salt and pepper.

Then I made a slaw out of napa, cucumbers and red peppers. With a dressing I created using 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt, about an ounce of that Silk unsweetened coconut milk beverage, some red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, mint and regular old grocery story curry powder.


Then I decided to wrap it all up in nori because I am obsessed with seaweed and why not have fries in your sandwich?


I made three of these bad boys and had them with my sprouts. This is what dinner looked like tonight.


This is what eating healthy can look like people! It might sound weird to have the chicken and the sweet potatoes rolled up in seaweed but seriously, these little rolls had it all. They had crunch, they had chew, they had a little creaminess from the sweet potato and the yogurt dressing. Then there was spice and sweetness and all of it was cut through by the cold cucumbers. This entire meal was around about 300 calories, filled with protein and very low on the carbs. And the carbs that we’re dealing with are of the good-for-you variety. Brussels sprouts are the bomb. If you’re not eating them regularly, GET WITH THE PROGRAM ALREADY! Also EAT SWEET POTATOES! If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely an active person and both of these things are great for active people, people!

I’ll stop yelling at you now and get back to the Bachelor. Yeah that’s right, I’m watching the Bachelor. Haters gonna hate when they could be eating.


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