Cleaning House

13 Feb

One of the most interesting things about living in South Florida is the fact that when Hurricane season ends, we’re sorta in a state of suspended Spring. We don’t get the Northerner’s excuse of a long winter that makes storing fat for hibernation acceptable. Before I moved down here, I felt the need to detox only after the endless darkness of December through March had come to close. But now that I live sub-tropics, I start cleaning house mid-February. After I’ve shaken off the carb-webs of the holidays and gotten back into the swing of things re. training, of course.


Today I got a box fulla fun from What was inside, you ask? A bottle of Rescue Remedy (YES!), and tubs of Garden of Life Super Seed and Perfect Food. I’d never ordered anything from VitaCost and I’m very pleased with their pricing and the quickness of delivery. The whole process took about a week and they even sent me a free Kind bar as a thank you for shopping!

I’ve been feeling a little low-energy lately and also worried about not getting enough iron, potassium, Omega-3s and fiber. The Super Seed is chock full of chia and flax and all sorts of other great things that will get my gut flora in check. The Perfect Food is a super-nutrient mega bomb. I eat plenty of veggies but I cook the hell out of them so I’m not convinced I’m really getting much out of them other than good carbs. I refuse to juice because it just seems like such a waste of so much of the actual vegetable. The Perfect Food seems the perfect compromise.


I just made a smoothie with both of the powders, a scoop of 100% Whey, 10 oz of almond milk and a cup of fresh strawberries.


It was intense. A little thick but really tasty. There’s cinnamon in the Super Seed and that kinda made up for the slightly grassy taste of the Perfect Food.  The downside is that while it’s super nutrient dense, it is also dense calorically and after about an hour, I’m freakin’ starving again. The additional downside (or upside, depending on your perspective) is that I’m a little concerned about what my intestines are going to feel like in about twenty minutes. I promise not to post about it.


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