All Taped Up and Nowhere to Go

18 Jul

One of the perks of working at “Dance Ranch” is that physical therapists are literally hurling themselves at us and begging us to let them provide us with free treatment. That is an exaggeration, of course. However, we do have PTs who come out weekly to treat the dancers and as of last week, we have a new PT making house calls specifically for faculty and staff. I am in heaven. And I’m being greedy. A signup sheet goes up in the dining hall the day before she comes and I am on that thing before anyone else even knows it’s there.

I’ve seen this PT twice now. I just came from her. She’s awesome. The sessions are quick (only ten minutes) but so helpful. Last week, we dealt exclusively with my post-bonehead incident knee. I got a professional taping and a diagnosis: bone bruise and fat pad impingement, neither of which requite complete rest. PT told me I was free to train on the knee but that it would likely continue to feel tender for a couple of months. Bone bruises apparently take a long time to heal. However, she assured me I wasn’t doing any further damage to it. As for the fat pad impingement, that could be treated with the taping, ice and ibuprofen therapy. Yay.

Today we talked about my left shoulder, which has sorta been the bain of my triathlon training for the last ten months. Boxing left me all a shambles on that side. PT took one look at me and was like, “Yeah, boxing’s the worst.” So basically, I have scapular winging (which I self diagnosed a few months back–vindication!) and some issues with my vertebrae in my next which aren’t allowing for full range of motion, and a couple of other issues I can’t recall right now because PT referenced muscles using their medical names and I’ve already forgotten them. Anyhoo…

Here’s the tape job I got today:

and the view from the back:

Basically, PT has pulled my shoulder back and down, which is what she wants me to work on daily. She gave me a couple of exercises to do and told me the one I had been doing has actually been doing more harm than good. She also suggested a modification to the straight arm lat pulldown I’ve been doing as part of my weight routine and suggested that no matter I’m doing with my arms, my focus she be on pulling DOWN as opposed to UP. My upper traps are apparently overly developed but my lower traps are weak. And I’m even more overdeveloped on my left side than I am on my right side, likely thanks to boxing. Oh well, I have the rest of my life to right these muscular wrongs.

I do so love physical therapy though. There’s something about being pulled at and stretched out and manipulated by another pair of hands that is totally satisfying to me. Also, I really enjoy talking anatomy with people who are educated on the subject. Oddly, I don’t feel this way about doctors. Probably because the conversation with a doctor is normally followed by the phrase, “I’m going to write you a prescription for X.” And I don’t roll that way.

I do however make official plugs for awesome service so if you’re in the Steamboat Springs area and you’re looking for a great PT, see Lindsay Scott at Forever Fit. She rocks.


2 Responses to “All Taped Up and Nowhere to Go”

  1. Mark July 19, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    I’d have to agree with you on the doctor’s issue. As a rule, I don’t have a primary care physician, because it’s so long between visits that they have no idea who I am anyway. Of the doctors I have seen for the few times I’ve gone, none of them have done anything really significant for me. With one exception: this last one who got me my MRI and then into PT. My first PT appointment is on Friday, and I’m kind of excited. I’m intrigued by the idea that they can heal you without medicine, but by simply BEATING ON YOU (in very specific ways) until you become stronger.


    • mymultipersonality July 20, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

      I have a primary care at the U who is great. I really like her and she’s totally on top of things when I come in. But I would much rather see an acupuncturist and a PT to solve my rare medical issues. I just enjoy the actual experience of both so much more than I do the experience of going into a Dr’s office. Western medicine is great when you know exactly what the issue is and there’s a very precise treatment for it. But when the symptoms are weird in any way, forget about it. The only solution offered is surgery or a pill. And as for preventive care and routine maintenance, not so much. Though I find that the U is really on top of that stuff and very supportive of folks who take their health seriously.

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