Monday Morning Musings: On Weird Friendships and Bad Nutrition

16 Jul

A picture of the “weird friendship.” Note that I have been replaced by Pink’s legs from the face down.

Not much to report on this Monday the 16th of July. Last week was a “rest and recovery” week for training. Only 6 hours of workouts! It was great. I think I went a little over because I included a hike up Spring Creek that Pink and I did on Saturday morning while Red was killing it at the Howelson 8-miler. Otherwise, I stuck to the plan. This week, however, it’s back to work. Eleven hours, followed by thirteen hours (!!!) next week.

I have two 2800 yard swim workouts, four bike rides, two runs, a 90min bike/45 min run brick, and two weight sessions to look forward to this week. All that with three classes a day and rehearsals every night. And then there’s the socializing, which I’ve had to keep to a minimum this summer. I spend the majority of my time with Red and Pink because they tend to be with me on the road. It’s definitely been a challenge to get up every morning and get my training sessions in. Knowing that Red and Pink will be riding with me is a major motivator. Pink will ride every day and Red is training for ING NYC right now. So they’re both motivated to keep moving.

The only issue–and maybe it’s not really an issue–is that we’ve formed this odd threesome and have somewhat alienated ourselves from everyone else at camp. We tend to be in bed (not together) three to five hours before everyone else and out of bed long before breakfast so we can get the workout in. We’re the only folks at camp who are behaving in this odd manner and while everyone is super supportive, I think they’re all a little mystified as well and a little disappointed when we don’t come into town to hang out until the wee hours. Oh well.

This is, I suppose, what the people talk about when they talk about “work-life-training” balance. It’s not that big of a deal for me to miss out on a night of carousing. I’ve sorta been over that for a few years. But I do like to hang out with my friends. When you’re training for a big race, you spend so much time on the road, if your friends aren’t out there with you, you just don’t see your friends. So you end up becoming better friends with your training partners simply because you see them all the time. This is one of the reasons endurance athletes will try to convince their friends  and family members to get in on the fun.

I was already friends with both Red and Pink before this summer but now I feel like we’ve become even more connected because of the many, many hours we’ve spent on on the road together. We’ve suffered through some intense physical experiences; we’ve seen dead animals, we’ve watched a cattle drive, we’ve climbed mountains. Pink and I are also writing a musical together so we’ve had to spend extra, extra time together. Red and I have been sharing our writing with each other for the last three years. Oh and did I mention that we’re all basically living on a commune together?

All of this has combined to create a triangle friendship that might look a little “weird” to anyone who exists outside of it. We have these regular hang out sessions at night. I’m not supposed to divulge what happens at them but last week, we invited a fourth person to join us and it was a bad idea. We revealed too much weirdness and the fourth person walked away feeling a little unclean. Now, when we see him in the dining hall, he can’t make eye contact. As long as he doesn’t reveal to anyone what happens at these hang out sessions all we be well. If he talks, we’ll have to kill him.

In other news, I am way way off my nutrition plan! Yay! Hard to stick to five small, uber healthy meals a day when you’re being fed three squares by someone who can’t really take your nutritional requirements into consideration when he’s feeding two hundred other people six days a week. Our chef is awesome but he is a total comfort food freak. Sunday supper last night was roasted ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and sauteed asparagus. I had one small serving of casserole and mashed potatoes but I went ape-sh*t on that ham. I FREAKIN’ LOVE HAM and this was the good stuff.

I’ve been attempting to learn Spanish while out here. Red and Pink speak it pretty well so they’ve been helping me. Last night, I was running around screaming, “Yo podio comer la puerca todos la noche!” This morning, when there was ham for breakfast, the phrase became, “…todos la dia,” or “Gracias para puerca a desuyuno!” I’m sure my spelling and grammer here is not correct, but you get the point. I have also asked certain people to “habla espanol totalamente a mi” for the rest of the summer. We’ll see what happens.

I haven’t been eating total crap–I bought my own sprouted grain bread products, I try to have chia oatmeal a few times a week and the majority of lunch and dinner is salad-based–but I’ve consumed a lot of ice cream in the last month. And some cookies. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been hitting the salty snacks pretty hard mid-day. However, this year I’ve been much better about limiting myself to single servings in the dining hall.  If it’s not something that is absolutely undeniably delicious, I don’t go back for more. Or I don’t eat it at all. Yesterday, Chef made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I knew eating that crud before a ride was going to backfire so I skipped it.

I feel like I’m getting my macros in–probably overdoing it on the carbs–but I’m also eating too much sugar! So I’ve made the goal for today to take in no additional sugar in any form. Baby steps. Also, no adult beverages for a full week. Especially this week and next week with their 24 hours of combined workouts.

Unwards and upwards. Time to shape some young minds. Adios!


2 Responses to “Monday Morning Musings: On Weird Friendships and Bad Nutrition”

  1. Mark July 19, 2012 at 1:49 am #

    Training friendships are indeed strange. The person I run with the most, Katie, is someone I feel extremely close to, despite the fact that we never hang out outside of running. Have you (or anyone else reading this) had any experiences transitioning from a training friendship to an “outside-of-training” friendship?

    • mymultipersonality July 20, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

      well my two training buddies out here are people i consider “friends beyond training.” They’re both exceptional artists and I have major respect for them beyond their athletic abilities. I also consider many of my Miami tri friends, “real life” friends now. But i also still love my “real life” non-tri friends too!

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