A Morning Quickie

4 Jul

Figured I’d post a little while I wait for my various electronic devices to charge up: phone, Garmin, etc…

Actually, there’s no “etc…” about it. I’m just waiting on my phone and Garmin. I finally changed the battery in my chest strap so it’s back to logging all the good metrics! I finally got an accurate read on my HR during a short ride yesterday. I wore my Garmin after the ride and it took a full 20 minutes for my HR to go from 189 (right off a final sprint) to 89 (sitting and eating dinner). It came down a little bit when I put my bike away and then started creeping up again as I made the long walk up the steep hill to our dining hall. This place be crazy.

Today it’s hills and slow climbs–easy to find out here. I’m heading back down 20 mile road, though I will likely only get in about eight of those miles. This is gonna be a slow one for me. I got to see the whole 20 mile-Oak Creek loop last weekend from the comfy confines of a quickly moving Miata convertible and let me tell you, it’s gonna be the end of the summer before I feel capable of making that trip. It’s INSANE! Check it out. 60 miles and some massive climbs. That’s gonna be an all day affair.

In other news, Happy America Day! The fire ban is still in effect here so no explosions in the sky but there will be other festivities. I love this town on the 4th. People are just out and about and having a good time. I’m going to start the morning off right with my ride, then clean myself up and head to the Rio where I’ll watch the parade with my faculty crew (as we do every year), then probably kick around town until later this afternoon at which point there will be some party or another to go to. I love mid-week weekends!

Have a great one, America!


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