Fires, Rides and Races, Oh My!

30 Jun

TGI the weekend! Saturday and I finally have some time for an update. We had a couple of small fires in the vicinity this week. Both were put out immediately so that’s a good thing but the whole situation has people on edge. And rightfully so. We also had a fire drill on camp two days ago and were told that Steamboat is now at Level 2 Fire Alert status, which according to the Routt County Office of Emergency Management, prohibits among other things:

  • Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire or campfire, charcoal grill, coal, wood burning stove or sheepherders stove, including in developed camping and picnic grounds. Devices using pressurized liquid or gas are exempted; and
  • Using an explosive requiring fuse or blasting caps, all fireworks, sparklers, rockets, exploding targets and tracers, or incendiary ammunition.

There are a few other banned fire-producing activities that I could care less about (welding, operating a chainsaw without a “chemical pressurized fire extinguisher,” and smoking outdoors), but these two make me very sad. 

Because it’s summer and what is summer without cookouts and fireworks?

OK technically, we can still use a gas grill to BBQ burgers but there won’t be any fireworks this 4th of July and I love the Steamboat fireworks display. It’s not the fanciest show but you can literally get right up under it at Howelsen Hill and feel the ground quake beneath you. This year, instead of pyrotechnics, there will be a Beatles cover band. Great. But you know, it’s all good. Because I’d rather have no fireworks than camp on fire one year before the centennial.

In other news, I am running the 2012 Mountain Madness Half Marathon tomorrow. I don’t quite know why I’m running this race. It seemed like a great idea two months ago. I ran the 10K last year and should have just signed up for that but no, I had to sign up for the half. I think I can still change my registration but at this point, I’m trained for the half, my mind is committed to it and so I’m gonna run the damned race. It will replace my hour hill repeats workout and my hour fifteen base building run that were scheduled for this week. I plan on running this one nice and easy. I will NOT be trying to break any PRs. I just want to run it controlled and happy, like the last one.

The one big snag with this race is that there are only three aid stations the whole distance. So I will be borrowing Danica‘s Nathan Intensity Hydration vest. I’m not a big drinker during races but considering the altitude, the terrain and how hot it’s been lately, I don’t want to take any chances. I haven’t trained in the thing but I’m not too worried since I AM GOING TO TAKE THIS RACE EASY ANYWAY.

Tomorrow’s run will bring to an end Week 2 of Augusta training (I made the above stamp yesterday with some help from our art teacher). So far so good. I am managing to get all my workouts in, save my weight training (which I know I have to get on) and my open water swims (which I have to resign myself to missing until I get home). I biked four times this week! I can’t find a stretch of flat road to save my life. My legs are going to be MASSIVE after this summer.

I’ve decided not to race the Steamboat Lake Sprint tri at the end of July and instead just focus on training for Augusta. I will likely get a sprint and perhaps an olympic in at the end of the summer when I return to Miami but my water lungs are HORRIBLE out here. I seriously don’t think I could swim 800 meters right now even with my wetsuit on and no ocean current pulling me in the opposite direction. I had to cut my swim workout 350 meters short yesterday because I seriously could not continue. I’m thinking I might need to spend the next couple of weeks just upping my endurance, working on lung capacity and form, and trying to right a few muscular wrongs that are holding me back in the pool. Hopefully all of that will lead to major gains when I return to sea level.

Outside of training, things are rolling along. My students out here are all awesome and doing great work. It’s a gorgeous day. Went out for a nice, short tempo ride this morning, ate a delicious breakfast prepared by our new chef who needs to stop baking for us every day, and now I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the afternoon flat on my back with my legs elevated and wrapped in ice packs in prep for the race tomorrow.

It’s not a shabby life I’m living.


2 Responses to “Fires, Rides and Races, Oh My!”

  1. Susan Middlebrooks July 2, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    I did not know you had signed up for Augusta – how exciting!! I may just have to come cheer you on……what is the date again?

    • mymultipersonality July 2, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

      yeah i made the decision last week. I figured since i’m up here all summer I should take advantage of the opportunity to train in similar/more challenging terrain. so far so good. race is september 30th, the day after my birthday! yes you have to come.

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