Why I Like the Y

1 Jun

I like swimming at the YMCA. Pretty much any YMCA. Why? Because instead of sharing lanes with my usual crew of tri super heroes, everyone in the pool at the Northampton YMCA this morning was either wearing a back brace or just sorta casually breast stroking or was well beyond 70 years old.

And I liked this because in addition to making me feel like a super star (awful, I know), it was just nice to be in a pool with folks who weren’t clocking their 1K free time or trying to figure out what the hell it means to do 3 x (5 x 100, 20″ RI), 200 kick. It was nice to just get in there and swim. Although the woman I had to share a lane with when I first got there, was sipping water from a bottle with the Ironman logo on it. And I overheard her saying she was training for a tri. She was quite heavy. Bigger than Athena heavy. And that made me like this Y pool and the swimmers in it even more.

The pool is totally utilitarian. Not what I’ve grown accustomed to at UM. The website says it’s got 25yard lanes but I swear they’re short. And the lanes are narrow so sharing is difficult. The pool is in the middle of the building so there are no windows. It smells like a pool. The water feels just maybe a little warmer than it should.

I went there on Tuesday morning as well and that swim sucked. I hadn’t been in the water in over a week and I felt like I was wearing a cement bathing suit. It was all I could do to pull off a few sets of 100s an 50s and then call it a day.

But today was different. Today was an “on” day in the pool. And “on” days in the pool, I’ve discovered, tend to happen when I go in with absolutely no expectations.  And “on” days make me hot to get back in the pool as soon as humanly possible. So I think I’ll go back tomorrow with no expectations and see what I can pull off.


One Response to “Why I Like the Y”

  1. Silver Jade Deutch June 5, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    Too funny! I’m from western mass to (berkshires) and I def remember the days of having to swim fly over a sea of old ppl in a redic overheated country club pool in the summers.

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