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22 May

Aliens in the golden hour before TriMiami olympic distance start, Sunday May 20th, 2012

The last two weeks has been its own kind of odd endurance event. Is that grammatically correct? I don’t know. I don’t care. My brain is fudge. The title of this post pretty much sums up what’s been going on. Remind me to never again plan a move three days before a triathlon. And maybe remind me to never again plan to do a triathlon the day before starting a three day road trip.

I got it all done. Well, not all of it. Still on the drive leg of this race. I won’t be officially done until Thursday, when I arrive in Massachusetts to spend the holiday weekend with family. But the move is done–it wasn’t easy; moves never are–and the race is done–it wasn’t easy, races never are (well, I guess they can be if you’re not working very hard) and the semester is over and I am on my way. A lot going on in the next few weeks. Will cover many, many miles by car and no doubt, by bike and on foot. I’m racing again on June 3rd in Chicopee, Mass–a sprint this time–and doing another half marathon over July 4th weekend in Steamboat. The hits just keep on coming. But for the next couple days, I will be enjoying race recovery in my beloved Tito.

Yesterday was a definite learning experience. Good as races go but I’d set a sorta unrealistic goal for myself in trying to come in under three hours. Stupid me, I didn’t factor in my transition times when doing the math. Oh well, lesson learned. But I’d been hoping to do 40 minutes on the swim (thinking that was conservative–it wasn’t), 1:20 on the bike (thinking that would be easy since I’ve been averaging 17-19 mph on my last few rides of about the same distance) and my 10K in anything better than the one at MiamiMan last November (57minutes).

OK, so I got my 10K PR–an overall PR, not just a tri 10K PR–but fell super short on the other two events. That swim, by God, 1500meters is long. It was also not wet suit legal, which is probably a good thing because it gave me a better idea of where I actually am in terms of ability. So again, learning experience. But the water was gross. It stank of sulphur and was full of seaweed. So full of seaweed, in fact, that I had to fight my way through a veritable jungle of it in the last couple hundred meters, which just felt unfair.

The run out from the swim to transition was close to a quarter mile across sand. That transition run counted as a part of my swim time and not my T1. So that added another 2+minutes to my swim. The good news is that y T1 was super fast (1min:11secs fast), as was my T2 (1:12).  My bike was six minutes over what I’d been aiming for. Pretty sure I went out too fast. Lost my legs a tiny bit on two miles in the second loop and then decided to pull way back because I wanted to be able to kill the run. So that worked but my bike time suffered.

The run was hot, humid and totally exposed. I stopped at each aid station for electrolytes which I rarely do. But I knew I needed them. Nutrition-wise, I did great. I feel like I have that pretty much down now. Never felt hungry or tired (except that one tiny window on the bike but that wasn’t about nutrition, that was about lactate) and my legs felt really springing and fast throughout the whole run. I had intended upon starting slow (like 9:30min/mile) and then turning it on for the second 5K, trying to run sub 8s the whole way. But I actually ended up keeping things much more consistent.

Everything was great and then I made a bonehead mistake and missed a sign on the run pointing me to home. I kept going straight when I should have hung a slight left. Luckily, a biker saw me and told me I was going to wrong way. That mistake easily cost me thirty seconds. I sprinted the last couple hundred meters and finished feeling great. So overall, not a bad race, considering it was my first true Olympic (MiamiMan was a short swim). But I’ve always gotta have something to bitch about. This time, I’m miffed that I didn’t get a podium placement. I missed third place by four minutes and once again, it was all about the swim. So once again, I feel frustrated and miffed.

I will channel that frustration and miffedness into harder swim training over the next couple of months. Hopefully my summer at the high altitude will help. But I won’t have my team to train with and that is a little terrifying.

But for the next couple of days, I’m going to avoid thinking about any of this and just try to get to the frozen north in one piece.


One Response to “Move Swim Bike Run Drive”

  1. Dr. James Johnson May 22, 2012 at 1:19 am #

    “miffedness”. Cute. Congratulations

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