On the Road and In The Kitchen

7 May


That is a a picture of the Blue-Green Smoothie. I’m enjoying it right now.  I’ve been drinking my breakfast for about the last week. Had a long conversation with a very smart person recently about green smoothies and then did a little research, found a few recipes and realized that they sorta make the perfect daily start for me. Great mix of protein, carbs, good fats, fiber, vitamins, etc… This is my recipe for the Blue-Green (and no, it does not contain any pond algae, although that’s probably the next logical step, as you can purchase it in capsule form and it’s very good for you):

Blue-Green Smoothie

1 cup So Delicious Coconut Milk (soy, almond, cow, etc… are all totally acceptable–your choice)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (any brand will do)
1 half Granny Smith apple, cored but not peeled, chopped up
1/2 cup frozen unsweetened blueberries
1 cup raw greens (I used a mix of baby kales but any dark, green roughage would work–again, your choice)
1 tsp chia (yes, I’m eating it again in much smaller doses, and tolerating it just fine)
1 tbsp hemp seed
A couple of ice cubes.

Add milk and chia seeds to blender first and let them sit together while you’re prepping the rest of the stuff. Then just toss it all in and blend until you get your desired consistency. It’s really freakin’ good. This smoothie has limitless variations and I find that the ones I’ve tried keep me full for several hours–likely because it is so full of fiber. Here is the nutritional breakdown:

Almost 21 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber! Plus you get nearly a full day’s worth of calcium and plenty of other good stuff. The fats are all good-for-you plant-based fats and yes, the drink is high in sugar but at least it’s all coming from the fruit and not from anything added. You could add extra sweetener to this but it’s not necessary–unless you’re a sugar junky. Which you shouldn’t be. Anyway…

Yesterday was another massive calorie intake day so I’m hoping that ol’ Blue-Green will help cleanse me of all the crap I ingested.  OK, not everything I ate was total crap, only about, oh I don’t know, let’s say 50%. That may even be too harsh. It was a massive intake day because it was also a massive output day that started at 4AM and ended at 11PM.

I kicked things off with my longest ride to date–50 miles through Jupiter, Florida. What a great ride. There were hills! Florida hills but still, hills. The weather was great–little hot but since we were right on the ocean, there was a cool nice breeze. There was no real wind, except for one long stretch of open highway and even then it wasn’t horrible. We wound up taking just under 3 hours to complete the 50 miles, which ended up as a 17.1mph average. I am happy with that  since we were also supposed to stay in Zone 3 the entire time and not push too hard. If I can ride 50 miles at 17.1mph in zone 3 and still have legs to push the last two miles out at almost 19mph (which I did) good things are happening.

My allergies threw me for a loop on Saturday so I had to take the day off, which meant that I had to make up my run on Sunday. So after that massive ride, I gave myself about six hours to recover and then went out for a 70 minute “easy” run under the mid-Afternoon Miami sun (it was 85 degrees and 55% humidity). Ugh. I knew ahead of time that it was gonna be hot, so I pumped myself full of electrolytes before the run.

Apparently, the calorie burn on a 17mph ride for a rider like me is something close to 40 calories per mile, which equals 2000 calories burned for the ride. That is, of course, not just an additional 2000 calories I get to knock off the top (have to factor what I would have burned in three hours of just existing) but still, it’s a decent deficit. The run was slow so probably not a lot burned there but again, you add that to the ride and that’s a goodly amount of calories out, a lot of carbs used up and some muscles to repair with protein. Most of the calories I took in yesterday came in the form of gels, bars and recovery beverages. So A LOT OF SUGAR. I am definitely feeling the effects of that sugar this morning.

I also made a batch of gluten-free hamburger rolls on Saturday because, well I wanted them. I had some ground turkey lying around and knew there was a burger in the works for lunch but I wanted it on a damned roll. So instead of going out and buying a batch, I made a batch. These were a total experiment based on a recipe I found at FoodSensitivityJournal. These things are killer and were my first attempt at baking with guar gum.

Here they are fresh out of the oven. My recipe isn’t 100% ready for public consumption yet but the experiment was a raging success and I can tell you that I used a mix of brown rice, oat, buckwheat and soy flours; guar gum instead of xantham; honey and molasses as my sweetener and almond milk in lieu of hemp. I also added hemp and flax seeds to the batter and sunflower seeds to the top (as shown).

There’s my burger with salsa,spinach and yes, a slice of American cheese (it’s not a migraine trigger and I wanted cheese. And yes, I know it’s not really cheese but when you have the craving, sometimes you gotta just go with it).

Here’s the burger with a side of my carrot-squash soup (drizzled with a little Cholula). This was the last of the last batch I will make before departing for the summer. Very sad to see it go.

That was Saturday’s lunch. But I made 9 of the rolls and didn’t want them hanging around the apartment so I decided to use them for long bike fuel. I made five sunflower butter and honey sandwiches with them and gave them out to a few of my lucky teammates. I ate half of one during my ride (was great fuel–no stomach issues) and the other half after. Then I had one of the rolls with a veggie burger later in the day. Then I had ANOTHER one at dinner with the neighbor–I put a little goat cheese on them and broiled them for about five minutes. Awesome.

Dinner also consisted of rotisserie chicken breast over fresh baby kale with apples, dried cherries, roasted potatoes toasted sunflower seeds and a dressing I’ve started making with Tofu cream cheese and Dijon mustard. Really nice.

So that all doesn’t sound too bad, right? Yes, but then I had two drinks. The first two drinks I’ve had in two months. After spending several hours in the sun yesterday, a cocktail sounded about right. But I should have stopped at one. The neighbor mixed me up a really nice riff on a drink he’d had at Michael’s Genuine that involves gin, bitters, tonic and not Compari but something similar. It was exactly what I wanted. But again, I should have had one. Immediate headache. Sigh. Does this mean that I really have to give up booze forever and ever?

Then we went to movies. I had popcorn. And a soda. What a splurge. And I think there was ice cream after the movie but I can’t tell you for sure. All in all, not a totally horrendous eating day. Honestly, the only thing up there that makes me sad is the soda. And I kinda hate having to drink all that recovery stuff. But it’s a necessary evil because my body muscles and joints feel perfectly fine today. My liver and stomach, not so much. But that’s what ol’ Blue-Green is for. And yoga. Yoga will right all the wrongs. Peace out!


5 Responses to “On the Road and In The Kitchen”

  1. bgddyjim May 7, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    Nice ride! Your calorie totals seem a little low though, more on the order of 50 kcal/mile, but that’s a good thing. And you don’t have to subtract for the 3 hours either… Lastly, there are studies out that show you continue to burn at the same rate as you did when you worked out when the effort is as high as yours was to hit that 17.1 over 50 miles for about an hour after you’re done (there were studies that disproved this, but the study that is quoted only had the participants cycling in zone one so the results are drastically skewed – they don’t apply to athletes).

    I have tested my burn rates (about 54 kcal/mile) @ 156.2 lbs and I’m finding that I’m burning more – I’m having a tough time keeping my weight up… This fact would support the “after-burn” theory.

    Keep it up, you’ve really come a long way!

    • mymultipersonality May 7, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

      Thanks. Yeah, it was an awesome ride. Change of scenery and terrain, I am finding, is super important. I was getting pretty bored with same old same old.

      That calorie burn estimate is from some rando website so entirely possible that it’s off. The 40 per mile estimate was based on that speed for a 130lb person but obviously, there are more factors involved in Kcal burn than just weight. But my damned Garmin showed only 1000 calories and I figured there was no way it could be so low. I mean, we were working hard and got into 19/20mph on several of the straight-aways. And yes, to maintain Z3 for three full hours? The weird thing though was that my stomach wasn’t growling. I felt relatively full after 24oz of Endurox and one of those sandwiches. But I knew I needed to eat throughout the day or today was going to be bad. I did not, however, need to eat a bowl of ice cream at 11PM. Oh well.

      • bgddyjim May 7, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

        That kcal burn rate makes sense for Rando – they’re cruising in zone 1&2. I’d be willing to bet, at 20 mph you were closer to zone 4 with some time in 5 – as the body friction increases so does the burn. Endomondo had me at 3,468 calories for my 63.3 miler so I’d bet you were closer to 2,600 or 2,700. I was downing a gel every 15 miles and I didn’t get hungry till the last five miles – you just fueled up right before hand. You’re doing great.

  2. mymultipersonality May 7, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Yeah, I got into Z4 at one point, it’s true. But I stayed out of 5. In addition to the sandwich, I also ate one hammer gel and half a clif bar during the ride. And had some gatorade in one bottle. So yes, I was getting plenty of calories during. I also find that 2 scoops of Endurox pretty much fills me up for about an hour right after a hard workout. Unless it’s a race. Then I’m straving every 20 minutes. I’m just trying to stay on top of this so I don’t GAIN weight in the next couple of weeks. That would suck with a race right around the corner.

    • bgddyjim May 7, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

      Gaining weight right before a race would suck, yes it would. To avoid starving during a race, I would replicate exactly what you did before that 50 miler – you obviously had it pegged perfectly.

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