Feel the Burn, Fuel the Run

29 Apr

The inaugural Key Biscayne Half-Marathon is tomorrow! Yay. 13.1 miles to go until bagels and orange slices! This isn’t what is referred to as an “A” race for me (is any race an A race for a hobbiest? I dunno. I guess it’s possible) so I still had to get my tri-training in this morning. I swapped my long run–which normally happens on Saturday–for my long bike–which normally happens on Sunday. I also had a 40 minute open water swim.

I decided that today I was going to officially hang up the wetsuit for the season. At least in training. Chances are good I won’t be able to wear it at the next 2 or 3 races and I hadn’t trained without it since I bought it back in November. I kinda wanted to see what I could do without it. Turns out, I much prefer NOT wearing it. I had a great swim! Sort of.

All was well on the way out. Current was with me so I managed to get in 6 buoys. I don’t know exactly what this means since the buoys aren’t evenly spaced but it’s probably around 600 meters, so 1200 out and back, which is close to 1500, which is what I have to do in three weeks.  And I did it in just under 40 minutes. So if I can pull of 1500 in 45-50 minutes during the race, I will be pleased. I guess. Yes, I will be pleased. Let’s just go with “pleased.” But I really hope this doesn’t happen again:

The wine dark kiss of the jelly. This is the closest I’ve gotten to a hickey since the 11th grade. The jelly was so into me, he got me again!

Sexy, right? I felt this one first and thought it was maybe just a little bit of chafing going on. But then I felt the neck one and I knew immediately what had happened. Mother fracker. So the swim back was pretty uncomfortable. But I just kept thinking, OK, this has happened to me before and it could happen on race day and I’ll just have to soldier on. So I did. Then when I finished the swim, one of my teammates graciously offered to pee on the sting. I’d have taken him up on the offer if the big one wasn’t on my neck. That just felt wrong.

All was well on my bike. Took it nice and easy so as to save my legs for tomorrow. I skipped speed training this week and ran our bridge repeats at a very easy pace so the gams feel good and ready for 13.1.

The rest of day was pretty uneventful. Except that it was all about fuel and fuel is food and food in my house is always an event, even when it’s supposed to just be fuel. For post-brick brunch, I made a 1/4 batch of these awesome gluten free pancakesI made them last weekend for a house guest but this time, I used applesauce and egg whites instead of coconut oil and two whole eggs.

They were more crepe-like than pancake-like but still delish. I also opted to make a homemade strawberry syrup  (the red stuff on top) in the hopes that it would stop me from dumping a ton of maple syrup on the cakes like I normally do. I cooked down a cup of sliced strawberries with two tablespoons of syrup and one tablespoon of cherry juice. Was easy, delicious and achieved the desired result: I did not consume half a bottle of $9/bottle maple syrup.

I managed to not eat the whole batch and froze four for future breakfasts. These were sort of lunch but then I had lunch too. Turkey on whole wheat pita with hummus and a mug of my now staple carrot-squash soup. No pics of that. Sorry. But it was pretty boring. I think I may have had a protein shake at some point too? Did I? Yes. A cup of skim milk, half a cup of strawbs and a scoop of vanilla whey.

Dinner was killer. Tomorrow’s half will be my third and I guess it’s become tradition now to have fish the night before a race. I like fish because it’s a solid protein that doesn’t bother my sometimes-slow digestive system. I got a great piece of salmon at Fresh Market this morning and was craving BBQ sauce all day long so I made an Asian-inspired BBQ glaze with ketchup, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sambal and lemon juice. Looked like this right out of the oven:

I’m not a big pre-race pasta eater. From what I understand, the pasta dinner myth is just that, a myth. If you’ve been fueling properly in the weeks leading up to a race, your carb stores are fine and you only need to eat a little more carby goodness at lunch the day before (thus my stack o’ flapjacks) and a top-off on race morning. My top-off is always the same thing: two pieces of toast with cinnamon-sugar. Can’t wait.

I still like to have some carbs at dinner and my go-to pre-race starch is the delightful sweet potato. Why? Because they are just awesome. I used to eat them before fights. Like right after the weigh-in, I’d gobble one down and chase it with 8 oz of grape-flavored Pedialyte and water. Yum.

I don’t have a standard pre-race veg. Tonight it was peas and carrots. Here’s dinner:

I ate a serious chunk of that fish. It was awesome. I seared it off in a super hot pan first to get the skin just how I like it and then tossed it in the oven for about 15 minutes till the fish was medium and the glaze was all caramelly.  Rock-star pre-race dinner.

Now it’s bed time. It’s not even 8PM but I have to be up at 4AM. Race start is at 6:30. There might be some light rain but the temp should be mid-70s. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m just really happy that all I have to do tomorrow is run. No giant bag of gear and bike to cart with me, no swim to deal with, no transitions. Just me, my feet and 13.1 miles of sub-tropical island. And since this isn’t an “A” race, I’ve decided to try something a little different tomorrow. Wasn’t happy with my last two finishing times so I figure, we’ll see what happens. If the experiment is a failure, so be it. I’ll still learn something. Will let you know how it goes.


2 Responses to “Feel the Burn, Fuel the Run”

  1. Susan Middlebrooks May 1, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    Can I hire you as my personal chef?

    • mymultipersonality May 1, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

      oh please, you’re a wonderful cook and a very healthy eater. but yes, I’d be more than happy with a live-in arrangement.

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