Mucho Multi Sports

15 Apr

Sweet new uniforms make me strong like bull! 

One of my teammates broke his weekly volume down in a Facebook status update this morning and since I don’t have a tremendous amount to report today (figured I’d spare you the detailed account of my two-day stomach ache–I’m blaming the chia seeds) I figured I’d do the same here.

The coach plugs our weekly schedules into Training Peaks, which is a pretty sweet tool for those who like these sorts of things. I only just got into using the full functionality, mostly because my old computer was such a granny it couldn’t handle the interface. My new sweet machine does a much better job. So I started poking around the other day and found the Fitness Summary pie. It looks like this:

Pie charts are fun but bullets have their place as well. Here’s what I did this week:

  • Swam 2.73 miles
  • Biked 63.8 miles
  • Ran 20.58 miles

These numbers include two back-to-back bricks (Saturday’s swim/run and this morning’s bike/run) and Speed and Agility class on Wednesday night. So I covered a grand total of 87.11 miles. That’s the distance, approximately, from my house to Fiesta Key (going South) or from my house to Jupiter (going North). This is very exciting. It’s hard to believe that if I ever do a Half-Ironman, this total weekly distance is only 16.81 miles longer than what I would have to do in a single afternoon.

Ah perspective.

In other (sorta) tri news, my friend Danica, who you might remember from her Multiview (and yes, there are more multiviews coming as soon as I get my act together), is in town for the next two days. I enjoy having house guests. Especially house guests who require ice cream, open water and who will probably get up at 5AM with me to hit the pool on Tuesday. This is one of my favorite pictures of Danica, shooting pool in a giant t-shirt and cowboy boots at the VFW in Steamboat.

The other exciting news from this weekend is that Hurricane Boxing took FSU to school yesterday. The UM boxing team is a new member of the NCBA and has only been an official UM sports club for a few months. But the kids have been busting ass since the middle of last semester and their hard work and great training under head coach Mickey Demos totally paid off yesterday.

FSU brought the brawl to Biscayne Boxing but in true ‘Canes fashion, UM fought back with superior technique, power and amazing heart.

The one girl fight went to my friend Jess who trained with my boxing peeps back in NYC and was psyched to get in there and rumble with a gal from FSU.

This show was more of an exhibition or hard sparring session than a competition. No scoring, no officials, fights went 3 x 1:30 minutes. But someone forgot to tell the fighters. There were some really exciting moments and a lot of solid toe-to-toe action. FSU did good work but overall, our boxers were just obviously more tactical, better trained and conditioned. Which is amazing because most of them had never even seen the inside of a boxing gym before they started training with Mickey six months ago. It’s a little insane how quickly you can make someone a boxer if they’re dedicated and willing to work hard the right way.  I was totally impressed and so excited for the future of collegiate boxing down in SoFla.

And with that, I’m signing off to go get everything together for tonight’s vegetarian Mexican lasagna–which will be a variation on one I found over at Girl with Health Food. Pix to come later.


2 Responses to “Mucho Multi Sports”

  1. Gloria Liu April 16, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your TrainingPeaks chart!


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