Changing Lanes

3 Apr

I got to the pool this morning to discover that our swim coach had removed all the lane buoy things (separators? what the hell are they called?) to create an environment closer to the likes of open water. Our 25 meter lanes were gone. Sad face.

The morning began with several straight 100s freestyle followed by straight 200s of kicking. Then the coach created a giant loop in the pool that we had to swim around three times, taking 1 minute rests between each loop. My rests were a little closer to 2 or 3 minutes.

This was my first experience with 50 meter lengths/100 meter laps. Boy. Really? How can it be THAT much harder than 25/50? I don’t know! Why did I suddenly feel like I’d never been in a pool before? The loop was about 140 meters. I felt OK going out but coming back? Forget it. I was all over the place. And I just kept thinking, “I have to be able to do this x 10 in less than 8 weeks.”

Eye opening. Mildly terrifying. But I got out of the pool after the workout and my immediate reaction was, “We have to do this all the time!” The fact that swimming 100 straight was so challenging means that I need to do it consistently, indefinitely until I no longer feel like I’m about to die a watery death.


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