Will Tri For Swag

31 Mar

Hello and welcome to the Nautica South Beach Triathlon expo and packet pickup. We put everything on the sand so that your calves get a nice, sturdy workout less than 24 hours before race time. We’ve also made sure to start the check-in at 1PM, right when the sun is highest in the sky. Hope you packed your sunscreen!

I’m being obnoxious. Having to trudge through a little sand under the scorching sun was OK because packet pickup was well organized, uneventful and brief. Just how I like it. The expo, however, was a total disappointment. I expected more from such a big event. How big of an event, you ask?

Those are just the bib numbers for the classic distance. There was another entire board right next to it for the international distance racers. For those interested, my bib number is 2505.

After seeing the transition setup, I think I might need to be pretty flexible with my previously estimated times. Transition is MASSIVE. It’s a good 1/4 mile from the swim exit to my racking position and then another long haul from the rack to the bike out. Luckily, it’s all carpeted. But still, the run from swim to T1 is going to be rough going.

Here’s another thing that sucks: my swim wave does leave until 8:10AM! 8:10AM! This is Miami. It could already be 80 degrees by 8:10AM! By the time I start the race,  I will have been up for four hours. The pros all go off at 6:50, then the international waves start and then the classic waves. My swim cap color is maroon. Ooh la la.

Swag was meh but I really like the shirt because it’s a women’s specific fit..

I got a windbreaker and an awesome back pack with a St.Jude kid (not really) on it for all of my fundraising efforts:

Also, a new hat! Always need hats down here.

And here’s the sorta useless stuff:

It’s tea tree oil shampoo. I will give this is a shot. But there’s nowhere near enough of it for my hair.

Cannondale stickers that I will not be putting on my Trek.

An issue of Men’s Health that I will only read if I finished with this month’s Runners World before getting next month’s.

Some Nautica cologne that I will definitely throw away.

A teeny tiny Cliff Bar. It’s cute but pointless. Except, I guess, if it tastes good, I might buy a box of them. So not pointless from a maketing perspective.

And a mini Zico that I will probably drink today. Because why not? I love coconut water.

I also get a post-race massage and entrance to the VIP brunch because I raised a certain amount of money. All of that is a lovely bonus. The next time I post, I will be done with this craziness.


2 Responses to “Will Tri For Swag”

  1. abrining April 1, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    Good luck tomorrow!

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