Easy Like Saturday Morning (with new Vegan Muffins!)

24 Mar

Is it weird that a 700meter open water swim followed by a 30 minute run felt like an easy workout today? Should I shut up? I dunno. I’ve gotten used to being outside and moving for like 2 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Even the swim–which felt a little rough while I was doing it–ended up taking a measly 12 minutes.

This kind of pre-race workout makes me nervous. I feel as though I’ve been lulled by the sea into a false sense of security. Everyone was saying they thought the tide was with us today. Does that mean that the tide will be against us next week? Is there any way to check on these things? Is there maybe some tiny chapter in the Farmer’s Almanac dedicated to predicting tidal changes on triathlon race days all along the eastern seaboard?

I sound more stressed than I am. Really and truly, I am psyched for this race. It’s going to be huge, with tons of crazy-good athletes coming in for it from all over the place. But the short workout leaves me with little to unpack in this post. So instead, let’s talk about these delightful little vegan almond muffins:

I made them today and they are the bomb. They look like nothing, right? But they are the bomb. I found the original recipe on Fragrant Vanilla Cake. If you trot over to there, you’ll see that Amy’s pictures are way better and her muffins look even more delectable. She’s got some Turbinado sprinkled on hers but I didn’t want to add any extra sugar to my batch–in fact, I actually cut down the amont of sugar that the recipe called for and they were still plenty sweet.

This was my first time baking with coconut oil (although I did give myself a coconut oil hair treatment this week and was very happy with the results.) Oddly, it seized up on me when I combined it with almond milk. Anyone have any ideas why that might happen? I’ll have to look into it. I ended up having to treat it a little like solid shortening and give it a good creaming which might have resulted in slightly over-beaten batter and thus the lackluster rise.

The original recipe is also for a poppy seed muffin and while I love me some my poppy seeds I didn’t have any on hand and I really wanted muffins and I had everything else and I didn’t want to leave the apartment so I omitted them. For texture though, I threw in a handful of sunflower seeds and they work really well.

Another vegan baked good that gives non-vegan baked goods a run for their money!


3 Responses to “Easy Like Saturday Morning (with new Vegan Muffins!)”

  1. Mark March 27, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    Do they give you vegan super powers?



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    […] here’s what I’m eating today. I had two tiny almond muffins before the workout this morning, one Hammergel Raspberry between the bike and the run–less […]

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