Multiview 3: JD Trammell

16 Mar

JD and I are teammates. I attribute my recent PR at the 2575 Miami Triathlon to JD’s presence about a hundred meters from the finish line. By the end of that race, my legs were liquid and I didn’t think I had anything left. But as I came off the beach and headed towards the chute, JD started screaming at me to sprint it out. So I dug deep and did just that. I wouldn’t have if he hadn’t been there. JD is one of the fastest guys on our team both in the water and on land. He’s also extremely focused and very competitive. He’s about to get married in a few weeks too. Here’s JD’s story:

Name: JD Trammell
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Current Town: Miami, Fl
Sport(s) of Choice: Triathlon to compete, NFL Football to watch
Longest Distance Covered and on what (feet/bike/skis/snowshoes/etc…): Approximately 70 miles on bike. One weekend (my first year of triathlon) I decided to ride from South Miami to Lantana. I rode out to South Beach and all the way up US1. Took almost 6 hours!
Occupation: Licensed CPA – Internal Auditor at Royal Caribbean Cruises

Gimme a brief history of JD in sports. What did you do as a kid? Have you always been athletic?

I’ve always been involved in sports. I’ve played almost every organized team sport I can think of outside of ice hockey and lacrosse. The earliest sports I can remember competing in were soccer, tennis and swimming. From 2nd grade into 8th, I was most competitive in swimming, often winning my events and competing in relays between a YMCA team and my grade schools team. I played football and track and field all four years of high school. I was an offensive and defensive lineman in football and threw the shot and discus in track.

Congrats on winning your age group in the 2575 Miami Triathlon last week with a super impressive sub-1hr20min finishing time. You are, in general, pretty freakin’ fast. Have you always been fast or is this something you’ve had to work on?

I was never a runner, though I’d often come in first when running the track during football practice. I casually got into running more and more after college, gradually doing more road races and longer events. My father, however, was an All-American in track and cross-country in both high school and college. So I guess I get a bit of that speed from him. Its my mother’s Italian/Irish genes that really hold me back. 😉

Describe a typical training day.

I find it really hard to keep a steady routine. I try to get up and run 1-2 times a week in the morning and maybe get out for a bike ride. Most of my training takes place on the weekends with the group. I have yet to actually complete one of Andy’s training routines verbatim.

What do you normally eat?

Anything I want. I need to control my diet better!!!!

How do you balance the demands of training life with the demands of every day life?

My employers (both past and present) have always had full gyms with showers on site. That has been an awesome way to keep my personal life and training life from colliding. My fiancé also has different work hours than I do (working 2:30-9pm on Saturdays and 8:30-5pm on Sundays), so that has also allowed me to get in weekend training without impacting our time together. She is very supportive of me though, and always happy when I do well at a triathlon.

What are your goals? Either short or long-term? How are you preparing for upcoming races?

My goal for 2012 is to break 2h20min in an olympic distance race. However, I’m not really doing any olympic distances this year, it’s mostly international. So I have to break down the races in order to figure out what I’d like to do. Ideally, I’d like to end with running a 10k at 7:30/min or better. Since I’m getting married in March and don’t plan on getting into the bulk of my race schedule until June, I still have time to assess my goals and preparation.

Can you recall a particularly challenging moment in training or racing? How did you deal with it?

I’ve been pretty lucky thus far in terms of race challenges. Most of my challenges have been in the form of losing my endurance or cramping up. I have yet to have any major mechanical issue on my bike. Last year’s Miami 70.3, for example, was a race that I had prepared pretty hard for, but the conditions just killed me. I spent way too much energy on the bike and burned myself out to where I called it a race ½ way through the run. I’m dealing with that small defeat by working on my run this year more than ever. Thus far I’ve PR’d in my first 2 races of the season (7:20m/mile pace in the ING Half Marathon and 6:52m/mile pace at the 2575 Triathlon) and plan on keeping it that way for the rest of the season.

Any interesting/funny/inspiring stories you want to share from training or racing?

My first year in racing I did only two races. First was the Mack Cycle Sprint Tri and then a few months later the Escape to Miami olympic distance. Doing Escape as your first foray into triathlon is essentially trial by fire. If you can finish that race then you can pretty much do any race. I had a used road bike (2007 Jamis Ventura Sport) with clip-on aero bars as my first bike. Luckily for me it was the proper size and was tuned up well, so I was able to maintain a pretty good pace on the bike.

Toward the end of the race (last 3 miles) I was riding next to this 20-something-year old kid with a bright yellow carbon fiber bike, aero helmet, full disc bike with all the trimmings. This thing hummed, and you could hear how nice it was when he changed gears. I was moving just as fast as he was though! And before the last u-turn, with about 2 miles to go I said to myself: I don’t care what kind of bike this kid has, after this u-turn I’m going to click up the gears and kick his ass. Sure enough I did, and didn’t see him for the rest of the race. Those moments are especially gratifying for me.

Talk to me about equipment/product. What do you wear? What do you ride? What gels do you like?

I am currently in desperate need of some new tri clothing. My tri-top and shorts right now are Pearl Izumi. I can’t wait to get the new Alien Endurance apparel! I ride a 2011 Felt B16 with Williams Carbon Clincher wheels (56mm front & 80mm rear). I prefer gels that have more substance over those that are watery. So, Gu and Hammer are my favorites.

Any advice for the “noobs” out there?

Even though racing is meant to be fun and you’re always happy to just finish a race, I encourage you to pick out little challenges for yourself and overcome them. During a race, if you see someone who’s biking or running as fast as you are, focus on them and tell yourself that you trained harder than they did and there is no way they’re going to finish this race before you are. Accomplishing little goals like that during a race will make the experience more fun and more gratifying.


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