Getting Better with the Launch of “Multiviews”

16 Mar

Today was the first day I didn’t wake up with a headache. I’m confident that my
will not take three weeks. And I’ll tell you why:

Because of all the exercise.

I felt awful yesterday but I forced myself to get into the pool and complete my 2,400yds swim. I’d picked up a tip from one of our instructors on Tuesday and decided to put it into practice. Apparently, one is supposed to see bubbles under water after one’s pull, and if one doesn’t, then one isn’t doing anything. So my mixed drill swim yesterday became a pull-focused workout, which finally gave me a reason to use my new Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel.

What a difference a pull makes!

On Tuesday, after minimal warm up, I swam 800yds in 19:09. Yesterday, after 1,400yds of warm ups and drills, I swam 800yds in 18:30. I was wiped from no coffee, still wiped from the race, fatigued from the initial 1,400 yards and with ONE ADJUSTMENT I shaved 39 seconds off my swim.

I’m trying not to get too excited. We’ll see if this remains at all consistent over the next couple of weeks. General wisdom holds that a time isn’t YOUR time until it’s your time for three or more workouts. But I definitely learned something. And my head didn’t hurt after the workout.

I also managed to get to bridge runs at 7PM. It was helpful that one of my teammates picked me up on her way out to Key Biscayne. But then she required a little encouragement on the last two repeats. And somehow I felt better on the last two, more energized, less gross.

And this leads me to today’s really exciting news.

I’m about to launch a new series of posts called MULTIVIEWS. For each Multiview, I’ll  profile a different endurance athlete and pepper them with questions about training and racing, their experiences and goals; as well as products they like and maybe even some deeper questions about sports and life and how the two intersect on philosophical/spiritual/metaphorical levels.

My friend Adam Szymkowicz has been interviewing playwrights in this same way on his blog for many years. His interviews are stellar and worth a read even if you’re not a theatre person.

My goal with Multiviews is to investigate why people get into endurance sports in the first place, discover what motivates them and share some personal stories that will hopefully inspire others to explore their own athletic potential.

I’m including profiles from a wide range athletes. People of varying abilities, experience-levels and goals. I’ll cover runners, roadies, triathletes, cross-country skiers and anyone else who does anything for extended distances. I’ll try to give you ultra-athletes, elite amateurs, top age groupers, coaches, people currently training for Iron distances and folks who just completed their first sprint or half marathon.

I started doing triathlon with a team so I had a group of people to teach me how to train, what to eat, how to properly set up a transition area, etc… Not everyone is so lucky. I’m hoping these interviews might prove useful to the folks out there who are just getting started.

The first round of profiles will be on my friends and teammates but if you’re reading this and we don’t know each other but you want to be involved, leave me a comment with your info and I’ll be in touch. And of course, please feel free to share and reblog!

Multiview 1 should be posted today. There will be many more coming over the next few weeks. I really hope you’ll read them. Other than being fun and informative, they’re super inspiring and proof positive that changing your life is totally possible if you get outside and move your ass.


4 Responses to “Getting Better with the Launch of “Multiviews””

  1. Susan Middlebrooks March 23, 2012 at 1:23 am #

    Edith, I just enjoyed reading the multiviews you have posted so far. It is refreshing to learn that I am not a. The only one who sometimes struggles with nutrition and b. The only one who has fallen flat on my face while training!!

  2. mymultipersonality March 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    Thanks you! You’re profile is coming later today!


  1. “My Multipersonlity” – A friend’s blog « I want to be a TriAthlete - March 16, 2012

    […] This is a friend and team mate’s blog which I think it’s awesome. She too focuses on endurance training. She has launched a “Multiviews’ series which consists of interviews to athletes of all types… if you would like to be a part of her series, send her your info!!! And if you don’t, at least follow her blog. She is a great, great writer. […]

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