Holy Volume!

29 Feb

Last week’s low training volume is a thing of the past. I just tallied my total scheduled pool swim distance for the week: 6,450 yards!

6,450 YARDS.

And the even BETTER news is that I have only completed 1,700 yards of that. PLUS we’ve got an open water swim on Saturday so that one’s just gravy.

But tomorrow I join the team swim program. I held off because…actually, I don’t think I know why I held off. Money? The promise of two additional 5AM wake-ups per week? The fact that the swims happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays which are my two major teaching days.

Probably all of the above. But all my teammates post to Facebook right after the swims and they’re always gushing about how great they feel and what an awesome experience it is to have the WHOLE 50 meter pool to themselves for an hour. So basically, I started feeling jealous AND I started getting nervous that they’d all improve exponentially faster than me and I’d be left in their collective wake come race day. It’s always about competition with me.

So I’m gonna bite the bullet and pay the extra cheese and drag my ass outta bed at 5AM and then use the blissfully quiet early morning hours on campus to get shiz done. Gonna be some long days but really we’re only talking about a commitment for another three months. When June hits, I’m outta the swamp.

Great bike today with the group out on Virgina Key. We did three sets of the Key riding into headwind at high gear/high cadence. So my legs are jellified. But it was good to get up and go.

Tomorrow, swim and then bridge repeats.

First race is a week from Sunday. Sweet.


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