Tests, Tests and More Tests!

24 Feb

This week was all about tests. Wednesday I had to have my head examined; Tuesday I had to examine 1000yards in the pool and today I tested my bike speed/effort on a 10K course. This test was supposed to happen on Monday but didn’t for various reasons. Wednesday I was also supposed to get in a 60 minute easy ride but didn’t because I was strapped to a chair in a dark room for most of the day. So my off day today ended up being all about combining the Wednesday ride and the Monday bike test. I  spent exactly two hours in the saddle door-to-door. This is the longest I’ve been on my bike since November. Luckily, I had a training partner to keep me company and there were a couple of stops.

Stop One: pick up training partner on the way to Key Biscayne and borrow a pair of sunglasses (I somehow managed to forget mine back at my place) from her.

Stop Two: fill up water bottles at La Carreta before the first turn around.

Stop Three: put on training partner’s chest strap so i can use her xt310 to record my bike test numbers since my broke-ass Polar is of no use any longer and I still haven’t bought my own multi-sport training device.

Stop Four: wait for training partner to finish her leisurely round trip on Virginia Key after killing myself on the bike test.

I’m not sure of total mileage for the trip but my test was OK. I finally broke 20mph! My average speed was 18.9mph. I did 5.29miles in just over 17 minutes. Avg HR 160. Max HR 170. I’m sure that’s all very interesting to you. But what does any of this means?

It means that now my coach will look at these numbers and the numbers from my swim test on Tuesday (1000 yards in 23:15) and my HR info for both of those tests and he will make adjustments to my training schedule leading up to Nautica. We are about six weeks out from that race–about the half way point in training. So this week I got to dial down the volume a little. Next week, I’m sure mileage will increase.

In the mean time, I have a fun 3 x 150yd open water swim to look forward to tomorrow at 7AM! Get to TEST the old wetsuit for the first time since December. Bought some lube today so it’ll be a nice easy slip n’ slide into the suit. The swim is immediately followed by a 45 minute run. Sunday will be a long bike/short transition run.

I also did some bake testing today. I finally perfected those Recovery Monday Bars. Hmmm…can I still call them Recovery Monday bars if I perfected them on a Friday? I also messed with my Perro Grande Muffins. I used apple sauce instead of pumpkin and added 1/4 cup of flax oil which made the almond milk unnecessary. I’ll post the bar recipe in a minute but I think the new muffins need further testing before I deem them worthy for popular consumption.


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