After a Bacchanal…a day of rest.

17 Feb

Today is a rest day! Weeee! And boy-o, am I glad about that! Because this girl went out last night. I NEVER go out anymore. It’s really kinda sad actually. Last year I didn’t go out because I didn’t have any friends yet


This year I rarely go out because I started doing triathlons. But you can’t stay in all the time and this year I DO have friends


and last night I had a reason to celebrate: my BACCHAE transdaptation opened!

That’s a picture of the actress playing Agave holding her son’s head in a bag. She’s covered in his blood because she’s the one who ripped his head off and she’s been munching on him. THE BACCHAE is about many different things: meat-eating and the pleasures one derives from sinking her teeth into a piece of bloody mammal flesh chief among them. Many, many cows and goats go down over the course of this play. Many of them are devoured while still breathing. But in addition to the meat, there’s a lot of milk and honey and wine consumed as well.

I love the Ancient Greeks for all their God-fearing, war-mongering, meat-eating, child-slaying and mother-f*cking. But that level of indulgence, so phenomenally satisfying in the short term, spells doom to us all in the long.

Still, what better way to celebrate the opening of my play than with several glasses of wine and a big old juicy slab of ground cow?

Post-show dinner with friends was at this new spot in the Grove: Lokal. It’s a fancy-ish burger joint that sorta feels a little kinda like Brooklyn. The bar is lined with cassette tapes and there’s graffiti on the walls and all the waitresses wear skinny red suspenders over crisp white shirts. Everything is sustainable and locally-sourced (even and especially the gator we had for an appetizer) and the burgers look like this:


They also have a pretty nice beer list with some Colorado beers, including Joe’s Pilsner by the can and Dale’s Pale Ale on draft. So that’s exciting.

I’d been loking forward to my burger at this place for weeks. So of course I ended up a little disappointed. I had their 50/50 burger. 50% beef, 50% bacon. It sounds like a great idea but the issue is that it’s gotta be cooked well because of the pig inside. This didn’t even register to me when I was ordering it. My bad. I had pork blinders on. It’s really hard for me to eat a well-done burger. It just feels wrong. More wrong than eating the animal itself.

But I did it. The burger had a nice smoky quality and the condiments were tasty. But the fries were “meh” and the gator, while well presented, left everyone at the table underwhelmed. Too much celery salt on the plate and in the batter. Still, I am glad Lokal is in the neighborhood and I will support the spot because it’s mom-and-pop run. Unlike the Chilis or the Hooters or the Cheesecake Factory down the block.

I realize that posting this directly after posting a recipe for vegan muffins might seem a little odd. What can I say? I’m omnivorous. I gave up beef for 18 months and when I started training, I started craving it again. The body tells us when it needs something and I give the body what the body needs. Notice, I wrote “needs,” not “wants.” The body needs protein and iron. The body does not need cigarettes or McDonald’s, despite the fact that it might want them both. At the same time. Every day. Several times a day.

Yes, I know I can get both protein and iron from non-animal sources but at the end of the day, I really enjoy eating burgers and steaks. Not all the time, mind you, but occasionally and with mindfulness.

But meat-eater or not, there’s a million reasons to come see THE BACCHAE, running today through Sunday at 4:30 behind the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus. It’s free, the weather’s gonna be great all weekend and you’ll be done in time for dinner.


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