Why You Should Read My Personal Sports Blog.

12 Feb

OK, before I get into the nonsense, I just want to say that I’m starting this blog right now mostly to promote my fund raising efforts and keep my St.Jude supporters informed as I train for the Nautica South Beach triathlon on April 1st, 2012. After all, they (you?) are giving me their (your?) hard earned cheddar. And I want them (you?) to understand that I am not frittering that money away by “claiming” to train for a race that I intend to merely suffer through. Oh no, I intend to suffer through the training so that I can blow through the race and do you all proud. And I want you to know what that means. Thus this internet “diary,” or “web log” as they are oft called.

But so OK, yes, ultimately, this is another personal sports blog. However, it’s MY personal sports blog. And that’s basically my pitch for why you should add it to your regular required reading. Little full of it, I know, but part of the whole multi-sport lifestyle, I’m learning, is reveling in your delusions of grandeur. So here goes:

My blog is gonna rock. And it’s gonna rock hard. If you know me even just a little bit (and I’m assuming that if you’re reading this initial post, you know me; in fact, you probably gave birth to me. Or you made fun of my giant backpack on the first day of high school), then you know this blog will be about more than just triathlon.

This blog will also be about food. And life. And Bikram. And writing. And movies. And the things about South Florida that make me angry (drivers who text, drivers who don’t signal, drivers with blue hair, sharks) and the things about South Florida that make me happy (sunshine, thunder storms, mangoes, wine in the supermarkets).

I will be writing about training with my Alien Endurance crew, and shopping at my local tri store, TriJungle, and why I prefer Hammer gels and Honey Stinger waffles to GUs. I might write about what happened to my calves for a month after I switched to Newtons.

I will try to spell and grammar check but no promises. Also, I will try not to write too much about how I’d rather live in Colorado. I will try to be pro-Miami as much as possible. But no promises. I will try to write every day but no promises because a) I am training for triathlon; b) I have a full time job teaching college kids how to be more dramatic; and c) I write other things. But I will do my best and hopefully you will read my posts and you will laugh or you will learn something or you will teach me something by leaving comments (that aren’t overly mean) and we will engage in a dialogue about all the things I mentioned above.

So that’s the hard sell.

Oh and nobody likes kids with cancer.

Onwards and upwards.



6 Responses to “Why You Should Read My Personal Sports Blog.”

  1. Magui February 12, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    I am just changing to Newtons… I want to hear about what happened to your calves and what you did… Cause I still see you running IN newtons and perhaps you can save me some time and some pain. Im all ears!

    Ps: good blog start! 😉

    • mymultipersonality February 12, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

      ooh! I’m glad you were my first comment. Why did I think you’d already been running in newtons? nothing major happened to my calves, they just felt like rocks for that first month. But I think I went overboard with my initial runs. I know Captain Andy says no more than like 10-20 minutes when you first buy them. I didn’t listen. I always felt great during the run so I pushed it and paid after. But now, I feel like I’ve gotten used to them. Eliana said it took her a while too. She had the same issues I’ve had. Calves, arches, shins, etc… I was also WAYYYY up on the balls of my feet at first. Now I’m off my toes and striking more mid-foot. They feel great.

  2. Magui February 12, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    I will continue working on it then! Im doing baby steps though… Want to be safe. Thanks!

    • mymultipersonality February 12, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

      I do love them though. For what its worth. I’ve noticed a major improvement pain-wise.

  3. Rona February 12, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    Ed, I’d love to follow the blog via email. Would you consider adding feedburner by email to this page?

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